SETI extraterrestrial life is hereThe universe is replete with intelligent life. Civilizations have already begun, evolved, and ended in countless worlds, across the eons of time.

At this moment, there are primitive worlds, worlds emerging into the universe just like Earth is, and worlds who have engaged for millennia in interplanetary trade and diplomacy.

There is decades of evidence in many nations of our world that extraterrestrial life has been visiting and interacting with humanity. Meanwhile, SETI has been listening to the sky for radio signals from across the galaxy, assuming that other worlds are wantonly sending hello messages to strangers in space.

This moment in human history, when other civilizations of extraterrestrial life have arrived on our shores and are involved in human affairs, is the greatest threshold any world faces. For this reason, God, the Creator of all life, has sent a new revelation to humanity. The New Message from God offers the perspective, preparation and pathway forward that is exactly what the human family needs to survive and thrive into the future.

“Your isolation is over and you will never have it again. Humanity has reached a stage in its development where other races are seeking to take advantage of this beautiful world and its remarkable natural resources. They are seeking to gain dominance here, competing with one another to do so. Thus, your beautiful island world has been discovered by other powers—not by those who seek your advancement, but by those who seek to take advantage of you. Like the young adolescent girl in the large city, you have a vulnerability now of which you are unaware and for which you are unprepared. It is a very dangerous time you are entering.” -from the New Message from God

Extraterrestrial life exists in many forms and many places, but there is a single, unifying spirituality that infuses all intelligent life. We all come from the same Creator, the same God, and we will all return to the same Heaven ultimately. Or as the New Revelation itself states it:

“The great variability of life in the universe represents the evolution of life at all levels and in countless forms and countless variety, where the distinctions are endless, where the environments are different and where the circumstances are different. Here one could imagine endless variability. But then there is this unifying reality, this Unseen Presence, Unseen Forces working on behalf of Knowledge, working according to a Plan drawn and directed by the same central Power, creating a competition for authority within the individual between the dominance of the mind and the vast intelligence of the Spirit.” -from the New Message from God

Knowledge, as the word is used here, refers to the deeper intelligence within all of us, which manifests as profound intuition, visceral conscience and inexplicable knowing.  Knowledge is the part of each of us that remains connected with God.steps-new